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[april 07, 2009] (Raudio @ E@rport Podcast) ... Listen to The Winterland Aria, as performed live by CÚcile Zylberajch and the ookoi, during the 5 hour long multimedia extravaganza 'Raudio directs ookoi@E@rport', on january 31st 2009, in the Theaterzaal of the Amsterdam Conservatory. Now listen to this, and then read more here ...

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A 'PodCast' is nothing but a short, or long, (r)audio file, that you can listen to on your personal digital audio-player, be it an iPod or any of the other players around. Instead, though, of downloading such files manually, and then transferring them, again manually, to your player, a 'PodCast' aims to automatize this process. Links to the audio files are added as enclosures to an RSS feed. You then need a PodCast Aggregator, which enables you to subscribe to such feeds, and which will automatically download the enclosed files for you, store them wherever you want to have them on your harddisk, and, eventually, load them into your docked digital audio-player, ready to roll ...

Apple's iTunes is 'podcast enabled' (and you may simply look up 'Raudio' in the Podcast department of Apple's Music Store). Also many of the 'usual' News Feed Aggregators, like NetNewsWire, have a 'podcast'-option.

Popular standalone PodCast Aggregators are iPodderX (Mac) and iPodder (Mac/PC).

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