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00 RAUDIO 00 >> Y.Next_Numbr * April 2013 *

YOU just found our brand new evolving Raudio mystery stream! Listen 24/7 online or tune in with the Raudio IIIII iPhone/iPad app (install the app, launch the app, then look for the zero (0) ... [use 1 or 2 finger swipe to change channels ] !

Now playing: RAUDIO :: Y.Next_Numbr, an infinite stream of the very best next numbers, accompanying this year's Y, a yearly event in the name of Yariv Alter Fin. Y.Next_Numbr was hosted by Peter Mertens & Harold Schellinx, on Friday April 19th and Saturday April 20th 2013. it included a program of lectures at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, a 36 hrs workshop and a series of concluding performances at NASA, the New Art Space Amsterdam...

RAUDIO :: Y.Next_Numbr brings you the unabridhed audio recordings of the Y.NextN° performances that followed the workshop at NASA on Saturday April 20th, CityNumberScape recordings by Har$ and Louis Lamp (@autodespair), Grime Number Stations by Louis Lamp (@autodespair), 1024 numbers-live by the ookoi, Alexander Graham Bell counting, Spy Number Station recordings by The Conet Project, Har$'s 'RandOm Kawara', Big Bangs, 9/11, Mount Etna, the Higgs Boson, and a whole lotta other numbers ...

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