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Sound Injury

Raudio proudly presents its special 24/7 "Sound Injury" stream, bringing you the fruits of 3 years of Netzmusik: the collective effort of a variable, very international, group of "artists, punks and sound designers", in size varying between about 10 and some 125, that, between 2001 and 2003, in monthly batches, exchanged short pure sound files over the internet, meanwhile adding, substracting, hitting, filtering, mashing, cutting, reversing them, in whatever way they saw fit ...

Park's Raudio Sound Injury Special is Pure Sound .... In order to listen to the 24/7 mp3-encoded audio-stream, make sure you have your browser configured to handle .pls files; usually Windows Media Player, Realplayer, WinAmp, iTunes, Audion will do so...

... just click and go...

For almost all there is to know about the Sound Injury project, read the SoundBlog Pure Sound Injury Special ...

Special thanks to Joachim Lapotre (Paris, France), Mark Mclaren (UK) and Björn Eriksson (Sweden), who provided the sound injury files and more besides ...

Your Raudio host 'n' file-jockey: Harold Schellinx (Park editor and artist).

[ All Sound Injury fruits are free. ]

Sound Injury

... click and listen...

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