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Curated by Dave Lynch
Artist/Director based in Leeds

The past, present and future of yours, mine and theirs in a droplet of time within the ocean of lives.

Lucy Gibson
Across Lake Geneva 1976

Time does not fall in a straight line, past jumps into present when we least expect, the fabric of our memories constantly interwoven by our shifting experiences. Memories are constructed from both our experiences and other people’s, their stories become our own and images from photographs make us think we were in places we’ve never been.
‘Across Lake Geneva, 1976’ is made from two slides being placed in the projector together and the lens alternatively focusing on each one. The slides are taken from boxes my parents kept. I thought for years that I was the small girl holding my mother’s hand, but actually its my cousin.

Grey Zone
2004 (Edit 2005)

The visual material consists, on the one hand, of photographs and videos taken by CNCD in their sound safaris; the imagery thus originates partly in the same locations and situations as the sound. The other main visual element is provided by Finnish Road Administration with its several hundreds of web-cameras surveilling road conditions. These photographs are revealed to be a fascinating and beautiful resource for artistic exploration. http://www.tiehallinto.fi CNCD has captured the still images of almost 200 road condition cameras from August 2003 till summer 2004. A software developed with Pseudotoad Laboratories enables a realtime manipulation and organization of this image material, making possible e.g. animating the images transporting the viewer through the passage of day and night, through changing seasons and weather. Together animations forming the Weathermatrix depict a miniature Finland.
Weathermatrix was originally presented in april 2004 at Kiasma Theatre (Museum of contemporary art of Finland), Helsinki and Fylkingen (New music & intermedia art center), Stockholm. It was realized with 3 large projections, build set, lightning design, surround soundsystem and 6 performers contributing as live musicians and video artists.


Geoff Donnelly & Dave Lynch
4/12: THE WAIT

At 4:12 people were asking 'when?' and this is about that feeling of waiting for something, but not knowing really what it is. The sensation of hearing a countdown conducted in a foreign language.

The continuation of collaboration between drawn art and videography.
(Saccadism) - from Saccade – A rapid intermittent eye movement, as that which occurs when the eyes fix on one point after another in the visual field.
Back in 2004/5 replicating the eye’s movements with camcorder using time-lapse photography and creating an image with a black marker, a number of experiments were conducted around this process.
This is the 1st international piece as one artist is now based in Hong Kong. The process of conveying time and narrative from a larger still image by showing part of the image in sectioned order.

Ben Halsall
Inner ring road from H-Building

By recording the same short journey multiple times and slicing them together as one moving image stream a distorted collage is presented to the viewer. As the frames and lines dance amongst each other the image comes in and out of focus. New images and realities are created from this small slice of the everyday.

Rozi Fuller
Cigarette diaries

I wanted to do a piece where your eye picked out a different frame/image each time you view it. The photos were selected from a series I've been taking since 01 Jan 05 to investigate the daily uniqueness of the sky, taken from the step where my boyfriend sits to smoke.
It's become a little obsession, grabbing the camera and rushing not to miss a dramatic one, but I like how the dull ones end up looking as interesting too...
The view is south-westish from Kirkheaton across Huddersfield towards the Pennines with Castle Hill in the valley.


Andy Hargreaves
(no title)

We view our existence from the big bang and we are moving away from this event asking questions that seemingly have no answers. Maybe there is another existence, which is experiencing the big crush, and all they have is answers to unknown questions. In one brief moment these two existences will cross, we will be aware of the answers.

Paul Emery

Undertaken to produce the nominal distance and are considered to be physics taking place appears differs, but the combined INERTIAL II, it contains different frames taking place appears for different points of view two events differs, but appears for another observer. But the combined spacetime is explored to produce intertial motion. All inertial of both fast forwarding the combined spacetime interval motion. All inertial states at the same time. Place appears for another motion are considered seen from different states of motion are seen from different distance and time separation but the combined spacetime.

Pete Hamilton
A thousand words (draft)

By adapting rephotography my aim is to question concepts of memory, both human and electronic, and perception of place. I am investigating interior and exterior spaces in order to develop a real-time rephotographic process for site-specific installation. My practice also incorporates other digital techniques like photo reconstruction, which I am using to play with personal memories stored in photo albums.


Jean McEwan
‘Reprise’ is a video collage with sound, made from a combination of primary and secondary sources. The piece is a personal narrative, which is concerned with the ideas of containment and release.

Will Docherty
Audio by s.mccory

u.bi.qui.none v2

Noun Biochemistry.
Any of a class of compounds that occur in all living cells and that act as electron-transfer agents in cell respiration.
By definition u.bi.qui.none exists within our respiratory organs as a compound, as a unit, constructed in multiple units to create a growing and developing organism. U.bi.qui.none is made from an archive of 5,000 still images taken over (the last) 5 years, each a unit, replicated in multiple units, to formulate a moving image.
By placing these snapshots of human behaviour under the microscope, this film comments on our heavy dependence on modern technologies and our desire to expand on the landscape around us.
U.bi.qui.none takes this notion to the extreme, showing the rapid speed at which our contemporary culture that breathes on our land will inescapably destroy our natural environment.


Joe Gilmore, James Brouwer, Alex Peverett, Paul Emery

Installation: Leeds City Art Gallery

Hypersensitive was commissioned by Lumen as part of the Screenlab residency programme at Leeds City Art Gallery. It exists as a four screen video installation and film.
Visitors to the gallery were asked to stand and look into a Sony DVCam video camera for approximately 2 minutes. The resulting footage from these video portraits was then output using Max/MSP + Nato. Tiny imperceptible movements in the subjects' faces were revealed by rapid stuttering and repetition between frames. This was achieved by progressively moving through the movie and looping rapidly between 2-15 frames at a time at an accumulated speed of between 2 and 15 milliseconds. The video installation consisted of approximately 30 video portraits, which changed every 10mins. A vhs version also exists and was screened at Sonar, CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) Barcelona, Spain in 2002)


Dave Lynch
Time Droplet

A horse chestnut naturally falls on the road next to my house, making a “tcllock” sound upon hitting the ground, no one was there to see it but me, that sound was mine and mine alone. It exists only in my memory.
I picture this horse chestnut in my mind from time to time in-between the things I do and as the time passes, since the event, the echo becomes a drawn out and distorted.
PARK asked Dave Lynch to curate a show for the stream, and is happy with the result and hopes the future will bring much good.

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