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About park4d.tv

For over 20 years now PARK4DTV used the available electronic media to create ‘Pure Image and Sound’. In the early days as an illegal pirate-station, later on making use of local cable Networks in Amsterdam (where over 12 1/2 years we distributed a daily ‘1 hour, 1 thing’ via Salto Television), Berlin, New York and Rotterdam.

Of course from the early days on in 1994 we experimented to broadcast video over the internet. Now, 10 years later, on September 1, the quality meets our demands and can be compared to TV.
Beside that, being able to have a 24 hour worldwide stream every day excites us. And we hope we can bring that excitement across to you. So:
Watch This!

(And, we are very proud and pleased by the ‘state-of-the-art’ content management system behind it all, that gives us the possibility to moderate at will.)

By the way: We are always in search for new art and can even pay or that!. If you think you have cool stuff that will fit our program, please read the entries page. (removed in 2009...)

Park4ever streams in three formats:

low for =>56 kbps modems,
medium for => 384 kbps adsl,
high for => 1 mbps adsl.

If your stream is not o.k. please check your quicktime version. It should be 6 or higher. Also check you connection speed in quicktime settings.
The stream you will get depends on these settings.

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