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New York Alive

The 30 minute television talk show in which Dutch host Kuno Terwindt talks to New Yorkers about the city and success.

In this first episode Kuno talks to Marc Bijl (1970). Marc is one of the most promising emerging artists from the Netherlands. He is currently participating in the ISCP (International Studio & Curatorial Program) in New York City. Marc is interested in social structures and their use of symbols, logos, slogans and rules. His video performances and interventions in public space play with our interpretation of what we think takes place in society. Recently one of his video works was shown at the MoMa museum. An article on Marc Bijl was published in January's edition of Flash Art magazine. For New York Alive Marc made a selection of video works which will be shown and discussed.

In this second episode Kuno talks to John Thomson (Aus) and Michael Gillespie (GB) who run the Foxy Production Art Gallery in Chelsea. The gallery fosters a small group of emerging international artists who work with interdisciplinary media like video, drawing, photography and sculpture. After collaborating in a series of exchange projects between London and New York, John and Michael opened their first store-front project-space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2001. Two years later they decided to move the gallery to Manhattan's Chelsea. After a number of successful exhibitions Foxy Production is establishing itself in the art world. In New York Alive they'll show several clips of video pieces presented in previous exhibitions as well as in GEO, which took place in February 2005.

video art by:
Michael Bell-Smith

In this episode Kuno talks to Yael Reinharz (USA). She is the Assistant Director for Creative Time. In 1973 this organization started out by presenting spectacular projects in public space throughout New York City. Offering the public rare encounters with art, music, theater and fashion, Creative Time earned the reputation of reflecting the vibrant spirit of the city. Perhaps most famous are "Art in the Anchorage" (1983-2001: events in the chambers of the Brooklyn Bridge), "Tribute in Light" (2003: twin light beams from World Trade Centre site) and "The 59th Minute" (1 minute art videos on the immense Panasonic Astrovision screen on Times Square). Yael joined Creative Time in 2002. She is directing the 59th Minute that showed Carlos Amorales' "The Forest" in February 2005. For New York Alive she brought several examples of what made Creative Time big.

Carlos Amorales, The Forest
The Neistat Brothers, Mousetrap
Nuevos Ricos record label

In this episode Kuno talks to Hans Broek (Netherlands). Hans is a very successful painter of primarily desert landscapes and urban scenery. His work fits a Dutch tradition of post-modernism, combining wild nature and modern culture. He has exhibited at Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Victoria Miro Gallery (London), Black Dragon Society (LA) and The Royal Palace (Amsterdam). In April 2005 there was a big show at the Torch Gallery in Amsterdam. In 1995 he moved from Amsterdam to Los Angeles where the environment perfectly matched his desire for new paintings. In the following inspiring period he became an established artist but noticed that real business in the arts is not happening in LA. Now Hans is in the process of moving to New York City, capital of the art world. New York Alive was allowed a look in his new Brooklyn studio. For this show he made a special selection of works which will be shown and discussed.

In this episode Kuno talks to Max Westerman (Netherlands). Max is a journalist and the US representative for Dutch national television. He came to America in 1978 to study journalism and politics. Soon after his arrival he began writing for Newsweek magazine. That job took him back to Europe where he became Newsweek's correspondent in Germany. His work was published in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Dutch Elsevier magazine. When RTL4 started the first commercial TV station in the Netherlands in 1989, he jumped from print to television. Max moved back to New York City and became the US correspondent for RTL4. After a few years he got his own program "Max & The City". New York Alive will show several clips of his television work and discuss his first book "Max & The City" that was published in 2002.

In this episode Kuno talks to Gregory Ryan (USA). Gregory is a successful sculptor from Philadelphia who lives and works mostly in Paris. His work consists of huge metal pieces showing surface patterns you find in nature. A mountain range, a waterfall or a landslide on planet Venus. Gregory is fascinated by surface.To create these patterns he scales down 3D maps of the Grand Canyon 100.000 times or simulates water with hi-tech computer programming. Since his pieces are so complicated, he collaborates with people from different worlds like those working in science (NASA) or in the fabrication site of things. That happens mostly in the large industrial foundry where Gregory casts his work. One of his most spectacular projects took place in 2004 in Kenya, Africa. With help of the local Samburu tribe he tracked a group of elephants. One animal was put to sleep for 30 minutes. In that time Gregory put a coat of latex on the elephant. He pealed it off when it had dried. That way an incredibly detailed print of the elphant skin could later be cast in bronze. Many of these pieces were shown at his first successful solo exhibition at the Briggs-Robinson Gallery in New York. For New York Alive Gregory will show images from the foundry, Kenya and his latest works.

In addition, in this episode our special correspondent Willum Geerts will report LIVE from the Armory Art Fair show 2005.


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